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Corporate Yoga

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Corporate Yoga Classes/Yoga At Work In Atlanta

Book a corporate yoga class today – Yoga at work is a great way for your employees in Atlanta to stretch, bond, achieve goals and conquer challenges as a team. Our corporate yoga classes are usually held in a meeting room or common area such as a break room or conference room. Our corporate yoga classes are offered in Atlanta – Downtown and Midtown; as well as Dunwoody, Buckhead & Alpharetta.

Looking to unwind and find your flow during the work day? Is your boss looking to boost team morale? Are you an employer looking to build that group sense of accomplishment and sense of “team”? Atlanta Corporate Yoga is for you!

What’s involved in a corporate yoga class?

These corporate yoga classes are taught by one of our skilled and friendly certified yoga instructors.  The typical length of one of our corporate yoga classes is about one hour. Our teachers include asanas, instruct you on improving your breathing techniques – called “pranayama”, and also give advice on reducing stress.

Worried about your team’s experience level?

Our corporate yoga classes for Atlanta businesses are crafted for every experience level. Our teachers typically encourage yogis to bring their own mats, however we typically bring 2 or 3 extra just in case. The instructors also bring blocks, bolsters, and other less common accessories that will be necessary depending on the class.

What clothing is recommended?

We recommend employees change into more comfortable clothing to participate in the class. Sometimes, classes are best scheduled on casual Fridays; giving the employees the opportunity to wear looser fitting clothing. Getting sweaty and gross at work is not the goal with these classes. Most times the goal of our corporate yoga flows are to increase flexibility and relaxation – not drip sweat!

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