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Book an online yoga class today – Our teachers are expertly trained when it comes to finding the online meeting software that works best for scheduling your online yoga class. Seriously… it never ceases to amaze me at just how talented our teachers are when it comes to figuring that sort of stuff out. That kind of care, consideration, and know-how can be all the difference when it comes to a yoga class that is stress-free and completely absent of the “Oh crap, what if the meeting link doesn’t work” fears we’re all having lately.

Does that mean tech issues won’t happen for you – probably not. We’re not brave enough to make a bold statement like that. What we can say is our teachers are willing to do what it takes to work out any kinks that may come up while getting your online yoga class set up.

Online Yoga Classes

Online yoga classes, virtual yoga classes – call them what you will, our teachers are here for all of it. We offer 1 hr or 1.5 hr online yoga classes that are every bit as custom and thoughtful as the in-person classes our yoga teachers have been offering their students for years. We won’t skimp when it comes to giving you every ounce of our best when it comes to custom class elements that set us apart from our competitors.

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It’s as easy as sending an email or using our online contact form. Contact one of our Atlanta yoga teachers to get your online yoga class scheduled today! Prices are based off our normal private class rates.

Private Yoga In Atlanta – Pricing | Private Yoga In Atlanta – Pricing 

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