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Book a virtual Yoga Nidra class and instantly transform any space in your home into a relaxing Yogic sleep spa. Our virtual Yoga Nidra classes are perfect for students all over the United States who are looking to add some rest and relaxation to a hectic schedule. The beauty of a virtual Yoga Nidra class is the flexibility it provides with our busy schedules. We’re all doing what we can to adapt now that yoga studios and other public spaces are being impacted by COVID-19 related closures. Booking a virtual Yoga Nidra session allows you to partake in a special offering like this from the comfort of your own home.

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Booking online has been the most consistent way our yoga teachers have been able to stay in touch with students during COVID-19. Yoga Nidras are an offering we can’t wait to share virtually. Book online today and you can schedule a series that is sure to have you feeling relaxed and recharged. These Yoga Nidra classes are built with peak relaxation in mind – the goal of any of our Yoga Nidra series is to guide you to a state of Yogic Sleep and help to build an overall sense of relaxation that stays with you long after your class is complete.

Yoga Nidra – Yogic Sleep Series – How They Work

Typically we book these Yoga Nidra series in groups of 4 or 5. These series consist of 1 meeting per week where you meet with your teacher virtually and are guided through the Nidra and into a state of controlled Yogic Sleep. The advantage of the series as opposed to booking one-off is the benefit of building up to a state of peak relaxation that has a more lasting impact on your overall relaxation both in and out of the Yogic Sleep state.

Single bookings are available but booking a series is absolutely what our teachers recommend.

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It’s as easy as sending an email or using our online contact form. Contact one of our Atlanta yoga teachers to get your virtual yoga class scheduled today!

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