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Want To Book A Yoga Class For Your Atlanta Mommy Group?

Yoga For Moms In Atlanta – Yoga for you or your mommy group in Atlanta is a great way for yo and your fellow moms to reduce stress and stay healthy! We get it! Moms need a little time off sometimes – our yoga classes are tailored to your specific needs ahead of time to ensure you get the class you’re looking for! You’ll call and speak with Angela, the owner and lead instructor. At that time you will get an idea of the teacher we have available for you and also get your ideas as to what sort of class you’re looking for.

Private Yoga Classes For Lone Atlanta Moms As Well As Mommy Groups

Not sure if you have enough moms interested to book a full class? Don’t worry! Not only do we offer private yoga classes for moms in a group that are looking to get some private attention from a personal instructor but we also cater to those lone wolf mothers out there that are more keen on setting up a private class for themselves that works with their busy schedules.

Relax, We’ve got this

We get it – being a mom is tough. If you contact us we promise to do everything we can to get you set up with a private yoga teacher and class that works on your schedule.

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Burn Calories and Feel Great With A Yoga Class Designed To Ignite Your Core

Sometimes you want a class that’s going to leave you with a little something the day after. If you’re looking for a class that will have you or your mommy group talking about their abs for a week – we can help with that! Our core queens will design a class that is sure to engage your core and will leave you feeling like you got the workout you were after.

Restore & Relax Your Way Back To Sanity With A Restorative Mommy Yoga Class

While we love to offer classes that engage and strengthen the body – we also specialize in designing relaxing, restorative yoga classes that help moms to find their inner-zen. These restorative classes are custom fit to you ahead of time; meaning we work with you on playlist ideas, class length, and class outline to make sure you get the deep stretching and mindfulness you’re looking for in your private mommy yoga class.

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Prenatal Teachers Are Also Available

Schedule a yoga class for your mommy group today and be sure to let your pregnant mommy friends in on the fun as well! Some of our private yoga teachers are certified prenatal yoga specialists and have the skills you need to really help pregnant moms stretch it out! Make sure to give us plenty of notice if you think you may have an expecting mother attending.

Contact a Private Yoga Teacher For You Or Your Mommy Group In Atlanta:

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