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Why Our Atlanta Yoga Classes are the BEST:

We are proud to boast our Atlanta yoga classes. First off, we love our Atlanta students. We love the neighborhoods and rich culture of the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to teaching yoga in many of the studios around town, our yoga teachers also make private visits to our loyal students in the following neighborhoods:

Slow Stretchy Yoga Classes in Atlanta:

We teach classes that can be slow and stretchy and more “Restorative”. Yoga classes that focus on restorative postures can be just as fulfilling as classes that are a little more vigorous. Our Atlanta yoga students need different things at different time from their yoga practice. Typically, before the start of every class, your instructor will do a quick poll and gauge what that everyone is in the mood for. Restorative yoga Atlanta yoga classes are at your fingertips with our Yoga teachers!

Atlanta Warm Flow Yoga Classes:

Our yoga teachers also have a few things in mind to make sure you feel the burn. Our yoga teachers are very talented and coming up with balanced “Warm-flow” yoga classes that bring a little intensity to your yoga practice. These “warmer” yoga classes aren’t necessarily the best for yoga on your lunch break – you will most likely sweat! Schedule a warm vinyasa flow yoga class with our Atlanta yoga teachers today!

We teach these Atlanta Yoga Classes:

We Probably Teach Near You Too!

Don’t see your neighborhood mentioned above? BLASPHEMY! We will change that right away and get your neighborhood added to the list! Simply give us a call at 770.317.367 and find out more about where we teach!

Contact An Atlanta Yoga Instructor:

Contact our amazing Atlanta yoga teachers today to start your path to peace and relaxation through yoga!

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