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Looking for Poncey Highlands yoga on a schedule that works for you? You have found the right place! We offer yoga near you in the neighborhoods of Poncey Highlands. Our yoga teachers offer both private and group yoga classes that are fulfilling and relaxing. If you like to feel some heat during your practice don’t fret – We also offer warm vinyasa flow yoga classes that are sure to get the heart pumping!

Private Yoga Teachers In Poncey Highlands, Atlanta

Our private yoga teachers in Poncey Highlands will custom build a class that suits your needs. We can’t wait to be your teacher as we guide you through all the poses and work with you through the flow. One of the things we’re most proud of at Atlanta Yoga Instructors is our ability to give our students exactly what they need in their class.

We’ve been sharing our passion for yoga with students in and around Poncey Highlands for the better part of this past decade and are excited to share our gift of private yoga with you.

Poncey Highlands Private Yoga Teachers

Other Yoga Classes in Poncey Highlands, Atlanta

Want to schedule a group yoga class in Poncey Highlands for your circle of friends? We offer yoga classes special suited for your group of yogis! Our Yoga teachers take pride in offering group yoga classes in Poncey Highlands that are fun and effective! Always wanted to have a yoga class in your back yard? We do that! Been spying a special shady tree at your favorite park? Gather up your closest yoga friends and schedule a group yoga class today! We will teach a class anywhere you need it!

Poncey Highlands Yoga Teachers

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Contact our amazing Midtown Atlanta yoga teachers today to start your path to peace and relaxation through yoga!

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