Atlanta Park Yoga

Atlanta Park Yoga – Grant Park, Piedmont Park, Spots on the Beltline, & More!

Picture this: It’s a cool morning, you’ve got your coffee (or tea!) and you’re carrying your yoga mat up the big grassy hill at Piedmont Park. You look up and see your private yoga instructor awaiting your arrival. She’s got the perfect spot picked out – right under a shady magnolia tree. She’s even taken the liberty of selecting the perfect place for your yoga mat, a clear and grassy patch with no roots or rocks underneath and a perfect view of the Atlanta sky line.

This therapeutic experience is literally a phone call away! Book a private yoga class for yourself or a small group at an Atlanta park today!

Yoga Classes In The Park

The Atlanta summers are legendary for their HEAT! We keep that in mind when scheduling park classes. We like to plan for a shady space in a quiet corner of the park but most times it’s hard to predict what location will actually be available on the day of the class. Because of this we normally have a few back up spots in mind. We’ve hosted classes at Grant Park, Piedmont Park, and Freedom Park so keep them all in mind when booking your park yoga class.

While we do have a few locations in mind at each of Atlanta’s parks were also open to your suggestions – As long as you’re prepared to roll with t he punches, deal with the weather, and have a great time – we can help you book the perfect yoga class in the park.

Atlanta Park Yoga – It’s A Beautiful Thing!

As always, we welcome you to keep in touch with us via Facebook – This will ensure that you can keep up with any changes to schedules or additional offerings from our amazing yoga instructors. We wish you a safe and happy season and can’t wait to see you in the park! Namaste.

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