Our Atlanta Yoga Classes

Our Yoga Classes

Our teachers classes run the gamut from fast to slow. We offer warm flow vinyasa yoga that can speed you up or slow you down depending on the mood you are in.

Warm Active Atlanta Yoga Classes:

Our Atlanta Yoga Classes add some increased heart rate to your day? Want to sweat and have fun without zumba dancing or shake weights? We have the yoga class for you! Check out our warm vinyasa flow yoga classes that are sure to speed you up and stretch you out. Don’t worry, like most yoga classes, we end with shivasana. However, everything leading up to that is sure to leave you feeling energized and revitalized. We offer these classes at many locations around the Atlanta area and as always, we offer private one on one yoga as well as private group yoga!

Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga Classes – They’re Good for What Ails Ya!

Enjoy some relaxing and restorative yoga with one of our slow vinyasa yoga flow experts! Chilling out with some yoga is a proven effective method for decompressing and unwinding after a busy day. No one wants to end a stressful day with more stress – Our Slow flow yoga classes are guaranteed to be located somewhere convenient to you in Atlanta. Please contact us to learn more about these slow flow “cooler then the under-side of the pillow” yoga classes.

Contact An Atlanta Yoga Instructor:

Contact our amazing Atlanta yoga teachers today to start your path to peace and relaxation through yoga!

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