Private Yoga At Your House in Atlanta

Atlanta Private Yoga: What to Expect

AtlantaPrivate yoga sessions can be very beneficial. Working one-on-one during yoga instruction allows the instructor to focus 100% on you. This allows the teacher to focus on your specific issues and needs.

Atlanta Private Yoga – The First Step:

Before you and your yoga instructor have your first session you will be sent a form that will include information on the specific things you would like to work on.

Your First Private Yoga Session:

At your first session arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you and your instructor can become better acquainted. Arriving early also helps to allow time for you to discuss what you expect from the session and what sort of flow you are looking for through your private session.

Why Personal Yoga Is Great For You:

Private yoga is great for people with all types of goals for their own wellness. The advantage of working with one of our yoga instructors privately; in a  one-on-one  setting can help jump start your yoga skills if you are a beginner, or help to develop a home practice you can use on your own.  These private yoga classes allow for the  personal attention you need if you need special accommodations  more clarity, or have special needs.

Contact An Atlanta Yoga Instructor:

Contact our amazing Atlanta yoga teachers today to start your path to peace and relaxation through yoga!

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